The first thing you should know is that all these three-digit numbers are free of charge and 112 serves for all emergency calls. When you dial 112 (Emergency), you are redirected to appropriate services such as 155 (Police), 110 (Fire). Furthermore, this line provides service in foreign languages such as English, Russian, German, and Arabic. The only thing you should do is to request service in one of these languages. You will be immediately redirected to the relevant department.

Emergency - Numbers

However, it is still vital to know other helplines’ numbers as well. Here is a list of the main emergency phone numbers in Turkey.

112 (Emergency) – Acil Servis

110 (Fire) – İtfaiye

155 (Police) – Polis İmdat

156 (Gendarme) – Jandarma

117 (Forest Fires) – Orman Yangını

183 (Missing child/women) – Kayıp çocuk/kadın yardım hattı

154 (Traffic Helpline) – Trafik Yardım

Emergency - Specially For You

157-YIMER (Foreigners Communication Center)

You may have already heard of YIMER, if you searched the helplines for foreigners in Turkey on Google. This line provides all foreigners with support for the issues such as international protection, temporary protection, visa procedures, resident permit, lost ID card, migrant smuggling, and many others. It serves for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have the opportunity to get help in 6 different languages.

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